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There are so many wonderful things to do in Berkshire with your little ones! Here are just a few of our tried and tested recommendations.

Please note that I do not endorse any groups, individuals, classes or courses that I have not had personal experience of apart from in very exceptional circumstances. I do not accept financial incentives of any kind to advertise businesses, classes or courses on this page. I do not ask for anything in return for endorsing other classes or courses (although if those other courses offer to help Little Angels to advertise in return then we are of course very grateful). This way, you can be sure that my recommendations are honest and impartial, and based on my genuine experience. Thank you!

Baby Cafe is FREE!

This group meet on Wednesdays in Maidenhead, at St Mary's Church (it's the one hiding behind The Bear). This group is really friendly - mums with toddlers are welcome from 9:45 - 11:15, while pregnant mums or mummies with babies are welcome from 11:30 - 12:30. It's a great chance to chat with other mums, and also to ask Debra about anything baby-related. As an added bonus, Debra often invites along people to do free demonstrations / taster sessions for their local businesses and groups, photography sessions, craft activities and lots more. It's really worth checking out, and you don't even need to book. Just turn up!

I went on Debra's baby massage course when Isabelle was really tiny and it was lovely. Massage has so many benefits with your little one, from helping with sleep to relieving colic and constipation. Isabelle loves being massaged now and it's a fantastic way to bond with your little one. It's also worth noting that after each class, Debra does a really useful session on a key topic, such as weaning, first aid, choosing a nursery etc., and is always happy to give her expert advice to anyone who has questions about anything baby-related. This gave me so much more confidence as a new mum, I would highly recommend this course and one it's one of the best things I've done with Isabelle.

Baby Showtime

Fun multi-sensory classes based in Datchet.

Baby Showtime classes are a fun, relaxed, multi-sensory experience for you and your baby. Incorporating catchy original songs, nursery rhymes and musical theatre classics with funky moves, led by a qualified teacher, Baby Showtime delivers an imaginative and enjoyable workout for your little star’s body and brain.

There are different levels for different ages of babies- check out the website for more details.

I didn't attend Debra's antenatal classes (or any other antenatal classes for that matter), but know lots of people who did and thought that they were fantastic. Now that I know Debra and how good she is, I wish to goodness and back that I had joined Baby Matters (and definitely will for my next baby!). Debra is known around this area as "The Baby Guru", and for good reason. There isn't anything worth knowing about little ones that Debra doesn't know. Most importantly for me, she is helpful and informative without being at all judgemental - something which I find is all too rare in the world of parenthood! For more information, you can email Debra at debra@babymatters-uk.co.uk or click on the link to her website to read more.

Dave the Disco (children's entertainer)

Not one for babies really, but great for toddlers and older children. I met this guy at a fayre and he was BRILLIANT. The children absolutely loved him, he kept them engaged for literally hours. If you are looking for a fun toddler group, have a party to organise for a child from age 2 upwards, this guy is the man you want to speak to. I know that when my little lady is a bit older and we're organising birthday parties, we will be giving this guy a call.

Toddler group:

Diddy Disco offers lots of Nursery Rhymes, Sing-along and Action Songs & Dancing to Doodah Songs & Pop Songs. I also use a video screen for showing cartoons upon arrival to relax the little ones and to keep all the little eyes occupied. Each Diddy Disco session will begin very softly, with simple songs for all to join in with and as the session continues we will build up to a final few minutes of crazy dancing.


Dave is a high quality Children’s Entertainer who will control the party for you from start to finish with music, singing, dancing and party games. Whether it’s a 2nd/3rd/4th/5th/6th/7th/8th or 9th children’s birthday party entertainer you are looking for you are in the right place! We play the latest chart songs for the older kids with nursery rhymes and simple action songs at younger toddler parties. 

Emily Kearns Photography

Emily took some beautiful photos of our little girl when she was first born (this is one of them!) and we can personally recommend her photography. She was lovely with Isabelle. As a result, when I organise an event for Little Angels I will often invite Emily along. Everyone is always delighted with the photos she takes of their little one, and her patience and calm-but-fun way of working goes down so well with both parents and babies. If you're looking for some really special memories, please do contact Emily and book a photography session with her. You won't be disappointed.

Emily says...

"Hello I'm Emily .... I am eternally grateful to photograph love for a living. Be it the love between families, the love of your newborn or the moment the couple say 'I do'. I am passionate about photography, as it is a way to preserve memories. I love working with people, and helping them to create their own memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. It would be my absolute honour to capture your smiles today. Most importantly lets have fun!"

If you do only one class on this page (and yes, that includes Little Angels!), do First Aid. Just do it. You never know when it might come in useful- if you need to use it, which hopefully you won't, you could save a life. If you don't ever use it, it's still worth every penny for the peace of mind it will give you at the very least!

Claire offers a wide range of first aid courses for every requirement. I haven't personally done any of her courses but several of my Little Angels parents have and highly recommend her. When I need to renew my own first aid training I intend to give Claire a call, as she offers training for professionals and schools as well as for parents and families. Please check out her website for further details, drop her an email at contact@childmatters.info or give her a call on 07788720612.

Even if you don't do any other baby-related classes, do a first aid course. I can't stress how important it is to know First Aid when you have a little one. My husband and I went on this course even though I had only undergone first aid training a few months earlier- and I still learned a lot of new and useful things. Now I feel confident that we would both know what to do if an emergency situation ever arose- and you can't put a price on that.

Click to go to the website or email enquiries@babymatters-uk.co.uk to book.

People often ask me if I know of any classes suitable for mummies to get their shape back after pregnancy. Sarah provides fitness classes for pregnant and new mums, alongside lots of other things. I personally attend the Buggy Fit classes and I really like how she adapts the exercises for each individual according to their needs and level of fitness. The classes are friendly while giving you a decent workout in a lovely location, and it's great to get some fresh air for yourself and your baby. If 'outside' doesn't really take your fancy, she also does pilates classes for both pregnant ladies and new mums, and babies are very welcome too! I've not personally attended these, but enough of my friends have (and really liked them) that I feel confident to recommend them. Please do check out her website for a full list of what Sarah offers.

Isabelle and I love it here. Fun, clean soft play for her with a dedicated baby area, great changing facilities, nice toys and lots of high chairs. For me, a great cafe with lovely healthy food and easy viewing of my little munchkin enjoying herself. It's great.

From their website: We offer a warm and friendly haven for babies and pre-schooler's, a clean, safe and secure play environment as well as an opportunity to develop all those important skills whilst developing healthybones and muscles too! There is a padded area where the youngest members can roll, crawl, toddle, jump and climb amongst the soft play shapes and balls, encouraging healthy exercise whilst having fun and meeting new friends.

Louise is a massage therapist, reflexologist, birth doula and baby massage instructor based in Maidenhead. I've not personally used her services (yet!) but everyone I know who has highly recommends her. She does special packages for pregnant and new mums, fertility treatments, treatments for overdue mums, baby massage... she's even a birth doula! Check out her website for a full list of all the wonderful things she does. I wish I'd known about her when I was pregnant, I might've had a much easier time with my back!

Musical Theatre baby sing along and sensory classes for your little ones.


These classes are a unique blend of popular musical theatre show tunes, using the sights and sounds of the theatre world, as well as nursery rhymes and songs created especially for Showstopper Babies.


For those aged 0 - Walking.

Isabelle and I attend these classes and both love them! Isabelle gets lots of multi-sensory musical fun, and I get to belt along at the top of my voice to all the showtunes. What's not to love?!

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