From the beginning, we decided that alongside teaching families the joy of communication with their little ones through signing, we wanted to spread a little bit of goodness and love in the world. This is why we regularly do events to raise both awareness of the joys of signing and also money for worthy causes- in the past we've supported a range of charities such as Great Ormond Street Hospital, The Walk Foundation and Mighty Maggie-Mae's Brighter Future Fund.


However, we've not stopped there. Unfortunately we live in difficult times when funding and support is scarce for children who have additional needs. For this reason, Little Angels Signing provides free signing sessions for any little ones who have a medical need - whether that's hearing difficulties, speech difficulties, developmental delays or any other issues which can be helped by learning to sign. Sometimes this help comes in the form of free classes, sometimes it's free 1:1 lessons in the child's family home- whatever is more appropriate for the child and their family. This support is always tailored specifically for these children's needs and always comes with free professional support and advice for the child's parents and guardians too. If you are looking at this website because your child has a medical need for learning to sign, please do get in touch via our contact page and we'll see what we can do to help.

Although we run the charitable side of Little Angels alongside the business side, Little Angels is not a registered charity (yet- we're looking into options!). We receive no funding from the government or any other organisations- the money used to fund the free support for children with additional needs comes directly out of the small profits we earn from Little Angels classes and the pockets of those who run it. This understandably limits the number of children we can support. However, we do sometimes come across people who wish to donate a little time or money to help our cause, for which we are very grateful.

Any money donated can be used to help in any number of the following ways:

  • Funding free signing classes / 1:1 support for children with medical needs and their families.

  • Specialised resources for teaching children with a variety of needs.

  • Music, props and instruments to help to engage young children while they learn to sign.

  • Transport costs for getting to and from children's homes for 1:1 support.

  • Specialised training for Little Angels staff so that they can better support children with specific needs.

  • Books and other materials to help parents to support their child with signing at home.

  • Hiring venues to teach groups if home visits are not deemed to be the best option.

If you would like to help us out by donating a little bit of money to our Guardian Angels fund, please click the link below.


Alternatively if you would like to donate your time to helping out at one of our charitable events, please contact us to let us know- we are always grateful for your help!

Many thanks as always for your support.

Guardian Angels